How Clients (Don’t) Motivate Agency

Blog - Mar 08, 2019

I’ve been considering writing my first blog post for a long time, but somehow I don’t feel like it. Although we in the PR profession have been writing speeches and articles, press releases and key messages for other people in companies on so many occasions, sometimes it seems that we’ve lost an ability to write something for ourselves. Today, many people perceive a PR manager as someone attending one event after another or standing in front of a camera to smile and say something, and, admittedly, we are somewhat to be blamed for it. PR professionals in agencies are people dealing with communications, creating and placing information, producing plans, strategies, protocols, negotiating on behalf of clients, but their work is often invisible or, at very best, noticeable only at the end of a project, when they appear as assistance at an event (thus the perception that all we do is walking from one party to another).

New technologies have also brought new responsibilities, with new competencies in demand. We’ve learned to communicate on SoMe, produce and edit video formats, present brands in a totally unconventional fashion using stop motion, place articles precisely directed towards our target group, while also measuring readership and viewership rates, as well as a sentiment of comments posted by the audience.

Looking at all those responsibilities, not to mention private ones that we all handle, you’ll see that those are educated, accountable people, often with superhuman energy, working like machines at times, which is why, unfortunately, some clients treat them that way. Luckily, there are also clients who appreciate your work and effort, even if it is a glass of water fetched for a panel speaker or a lost glove found in the snow. And that’s the key to it all! To turn missions impossible, or seemingly bizarre requests, into possible ones, and not only that but to turn them into success. Both your client’s and yours!

Perhaps you’re wondering why some projects and events are more successful than others. As a member of Represent Communications for 13 years now, I stopped wondering about that a long time ago. A secret ingredient called “human factor” that works both ways will help you in many areas and day-to-day business and private tasks. When every team member invests their maximum efforts at any given moment, without asking whose that job is because we all have a common goal – to be professionals in every field and at any moment and with as little stress as possible achieve defined objectives and KPIs and be commended by a client. Then even the execution of a protocol for the highest officials of this and neighboring countries seems as easy as printing out someone’s speech.

That’s called teamwork, optimistic approach to everything you do and trust in people!

And therefore, dear partners, clients, colleagues, always bear in mind that the agency is your team and that there are people behind computer screens in your agencies and nothing more. People who strive to give their best, sometimes making mistakes because they are just that – people…  People with know-how, skills, faith and will to, together with you, achieve top results! Help them in that, because as the old saying goes, “You can succeed in anything by being polite”, and I’m sure that in that case, your equation will be – one plus one equals three!

P.S. The first blog post was born!


Tamara Jokanović

Managing Director

A true lover of people, nice words and normal interpersonal relations.

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