How do we approach Generation Z when recruiting?

Blog - Jul 13, 2020

Those born after 1995 that grew up in the digital era, members of Generation Z, are gradually assuming their position in the business world. They are often said to be born with a phone in hand and communicating through emojis or TikTok videos, while most agree that it is the generation whom employers will have to adapt to the most, creating a specific plan for attracting and retaining them.

The task of HR managers is definitely to devise a strategy, which may be somewhat easier if your team includes Millennials, who understand Gen Z better, but even though they share the same values and technology, these two generations are different, requiring a specific approach in recruiting and selection, which confirms that we learn our whole life and that adaptation is necessary.

When advertising and targeting the audience, we first take into consideration the impact of social media and Gen Z’s presence on them. Surveys show that this generation mainly uses Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, as well as that, when searching companies, they focus on those matching their personal beliefs and career goals. So adjust your website to them and make room for content that will appeal to young persons, who will then discover how your organisation really functions. This generation wants to see internal activities, especially those related to the employees close to their age and attitudes.

We already know that they have highly developed technical skills. Their soft skills may be less developed, but they are creative and have reasonable expectations. It is hard to keep Gen Z at one place, so talent has to be attracted through an authentic culture, presenting a unique working experience, perhaps using a video on the organisation’s website and the Facebook page or by promoting employees on Instagram. Show them what a casual Friday looks like in your office, how team building worked, what little things make a day better for employees, how you spend breaks and celebrate birthdays. It is even better if you have a TikTok account, because you will thus show that your company keeps pace with change, follows trends and can offer up-to-date content, fast information flow and transparent communication.

Generation Z is environmentally aware, supports diversity and actively advocates for feminism and gender equality (and thus equal salaries), so they will definitely be attracted to a company where top managers are women. Promote competent women you work with and show why they stand out and contribute to business success on a daily basis. Present them in columns and PR articles, shared on your company’s SoMe – that will definitely catch the eye of young followers.

It is important to them to relate to what you offer, and surveys show that they have great expectations from employers and recruiters – they are used to speed, know what they want and they want it now, and if you cannot complete a selection process in two weeks, then at least maintain amicable communication. As honesty is what matters to members of this generation, regular feedback has to be part of any selection. They most commonly communicate via emails and text messages, and will not have a problem with having a job interview via Zoom or Skype.
During a job interview, their expectations will definitely come to light. They are not interested in a traditional working environment. It is especially important for Gen Z to have flexible working hours, option of teleworking and successful work-life balance. Alo, do not be surprised if they immediately ask for a high starting salary or want to be presented with all development and advancement opportunities. They will be interesting in mentoring programs, because they want to be connected and get right information and useful advice.

It is evident that this generation is quite independent and that its members are taught to google everything and check a Do It Yourself tutorial on YouTube first before asking for help. Leverage that and show them that you believe in them. It will be just one form of motivation, especially because Gen Z gives up easily and does not have a problem to change jobs frequently. Companies are expected to prove that they are really behind what they promote. As employees are the best ambassadors, switch from words to action and present your brand. Gen Z will easily recognise if you are honest and whether they can find the value they deem important in your company. They want you to offer purpose and meaning, specific development plans and goals, as well as joint mission, reflecting social responsibility, engagement and awareness.

Listen actively and pay attention to their interests. Millennials will understand their desire to learn, with connection, good collaboration and dynamics with colleagues playing a role in retaining young staff.



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