How to devise a SEO strategy that will mark 2020?

News - Feb 18, 2020

The eternal question of “how to set a SEO strategy that works” will never get a final answer. Nevertheless, the leading global experts have attempted to answer it for searchengineland. The bottom line is that there is no specific and general advice, but that Google My Business is the only starting point that’s good.

The idea is to stop “experimenting” in 2020 and start developing a good strategy instead, followed by its execution. These are the four points that all the leading SEO experts agree on:

    1. Help clients run a better company. Design a right strategy for your client. The most difficult part is to help clients find and retain their customers/users. Make sure that the efforts you invest in work with a client actually provide results and contribute to their business progress. Focus on Google search – learn how Google views your client’s business and then update its site/profile/presentation and adjust to be as visible as possible.
    2. Unwanted email list. Arrange your mailing lists, beat all the unwanted emails. Revise regularly in search for new unwanted addresses and report them.
    3. Focus on websites. Smaller brands are not aware of the fact that good web presentation is vital – so invest in it.
    4. Search optimisation. Test the whole thing before the launch. Good search and ranking are as important as high-quality content selling the whole thing/product.


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