How to protect personal data and passwords? One little thing changes everything

News - Oct 30, 2020

Passwords were used even back in the ancient Rome – when soldiers used them to pass messages, encrypting, keeping secrets… Today, they are everywhere, so the protection of your personal data online is more important than ever.

However, to use the Internet safely, it is best to protect your passwords in Google Password Manager.

Not only does Password Manager provide you with a benefit of keeping all data at one place, but it also has the strongest protection from password leakage and identity theft.

Password Manager keeps all your data on your Google account, protected by Google’s advanced protection. In order to fortify a password, they often remind us of the importance of creating a unique password for each web location.

If this is something you do not do, you are not alone: 66 percent of people use the same password for several accounts, and 13 percent use that password for all of their accounts.

– If you use the same password on several web locations, a hacker can break only one of them in order to gain access to everything – explains Mark Risher, Senior Director of Product Management in Google, focused on security.

Password Checkup, an additional function of Password Manager, can check weak or reused saved passwords and Google will notify you in case any of them is threatened, so that you can change it immediately.



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