If you are not ‘big’ enough on YouTube, you will not get a dime for ads

News - Dec 14, 2020

YouTube started displaying ads on video posts of specific creators, but it will not pay any revenue to them because they are not ‘big’ enough to join the partnership program of the platform for monetisation.

When ads appear in YouTube video posts, creators usually generate part of income. However, the new monetisation rules define that creators who are not part of the partner program will see ads in their video posts, but will not earn from them.

The new practice will mainly affect smaller creators with no high viewership. YouTube’s partner program requires authors accumulate 4,000 hours of watching in the last 12 months and have more than 1,000 subscribers.

Ads are the main source of income for creators in YouTube, because the more their channel and videos are watched, the more users will see an ad, with a number of views directly related to income.



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