List of the most searched terms in Serbia in 2020

News - Jan 13, 2021

Google published its traditional annual report ‘Year in Search’ bout the most searched terms in the world in 2020. As expected, the most frequent terms were ‘coronavirus’ and ‘coronavirus symptoms’. These phrases had the highest number of searches in March, April and May, with a downward trend afterwards.

The situation is similar with the terms referring to specific events, such as the US election, ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement or individuals such as Kobe Bryant and Harvey Weinstein, with the highest frequency in the periods when they were in the spotlight.

In 2020, the world also tirelessly searched the terms such as masks, vaccines, death, unemployment, Zoom, Google classroom, TikTok and Tesla.

When it comes to Serbia, the list is somewhat surprising. Check it out.

Photo: Printscreen/Google Trends

Google Classroom and coronavirus are not surprising, bearing in mind the 2020 developments, but it may be unexpected for some that people in Serbia were that interested in the US election.

The ‘La casa de papel’ series also made it to the ‘Top 10’ list, which does not come as a surprise, since it is globally popular and a vast number of people are eagerly waiting for new seasons, with the fourth one released in April 2020.

Other most searched terms include the elections in Serbia, Patriarch Irinej, Isidora Bjelica and Kobe Bryant.


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