Microsoft most imitated brand name for phishing attempts by hackers

News - Oct 20, 2020

Check Point Research, a company that analyzes cybercrime has released a list of brands that hackers imitate the most to lure users into giving them their personal data or payment details.

In company’s Q3 brand phishing report, from June till August 2020, Microsoft was the most frequently targeted brand by cybercriminals, soaring from fifth place in Q2 to the top of the ranking in Q3. This brand was used in 19% of all global phishing attempts in the mentioned period (compared to 7% from the second quarter).

Microsoft is followed by DHL and Google, with both brands accounting for nine percent each in phishing attacks globally during the third quarter. At the top are PayPal, Netflix, Facebook, Apple, WhatsApp, Amazon and Instagram.

During this period, email phishing was the most prominent type of brand phishing platform, accounting for 44% of attacks, closely followed by web phishing (43%). The top phishing brands exploited by email phishing attacks were Microsoft, DHL and Apple, while Microsoft, Google and PayPal were the most used for web phishing.




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