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Interview - Mar 05, 2019

1. How do you rate 2018 for your PR agency? What is the best way to remember it?
2018 was a fruitful year for work, filled with many challenges that required wisdom and knowledge.

We can definitely rate it as the successful year that will be remembered according to the solid number of customers that we celebrated with on our first birthday after opening the office in Skopje, as another child of Represent Communications Belgrade.

2. How do you see the symbiosis between the PR professionals and journalists in Macedonia?
PR professionals and journalists should be two different but complementary professions. Complementing in a sense that one profession without the other would work hard. There is still a dose of competitiveness, something I rarely understand why. Journalism is a completely different profession from the PR, just as the PR should not be considered as an extended hand in journalism. Sometimes I have the feeling that we mix the gears.

3. What is your biggest disturbance as a media practice in Macedonia?
I am bothered by the uniformity and the slow acceptance of novelties and trends. However, I am pleased that for a specific trend of presenting the content on several platforms, we faced interest from some Macedonian media that I believe will follow with the transformation of the media space.
We are currently working on presenting the world’s trends and adapting those trends to our local market because we have a really good vision of how in the foreseeable future we will rethink the perception and criterion of the audience and what is today’s battle for clicks and impressions, in the near future will be otherwise defined. The challenge is great and I am convinced that with a lot of work and effort, we will achieve this success.

4. What is your desire for the 2019 communication industry in Macedonia?
The desire of most communication industry professionals is probably the aspiration for loyal competition that has to offer knowledge and professionalism, as opposed to improvisation and propaganda.


Nataša Mirkova

Director Skopje Office

Natasha Bozinovska Mirkova has 15+ years of experience as digital marketer combining it with all managerial skills she can possess so that the office in Skopje can become one of the youngest offices with biggest potential.

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