Interview - Feb 21, 2019

Don’t Miss


As the Oscar ceremony is still talk of the day, I’ll start with an impressive Polish film, “Cold War“, which hasn’t won an award but is definitely worth watching. Don’t be misled by a description – it is not just another drama, with touches of a long-lasting love story such as the one in Casablanca. “Cold War“ is full of moments not described by words, those you read between the scenes, with hints of emotions. All the way until the very end, whose symbolism will make you stare at the empty screen, contemplating this top-notch film.

The Lobster from 2015 is one of the most extraordinary films ever. Rich with black humor, it makes you wonder how much loneliness we can really bear and what we are capable of doing in order not to be alone. We explore our own limits, fearing that same loneliness and wishing to fit in, as we are expected to do so. Fit in the society – yeas, but at what cost?

Among the older ones, the recommendation is famous Citizen Kane. We tend to search persistently for a little piece that will explain this or that puzzle in life. And then we realise that life or any of its aspects cannot fit into one word or a piece of a puzzle.


I love TV series! My friends know that when I mysteriously vanish for a whole weekend. I think that this is the decade where series have definitely triumphed in regard to quality over all the films that have been made. Therefore, I often don’t have time to watch everything I want, but it is on my list, waiting for the next free weekend 

The list is too long but here are some that deserve a chance, or simply – are must-sees. I’ve watched Breaking Bad three times. More than once I’ve heard that it’s a story about a dying man who launches a drug operation in order to provide for his family. For me, Breaking Bad is a story about choice, about an opportunity for everyone to take a different path. As explained in a famous quote of the main character – “I did for me. I liked it.” Those who love this genre should also watch the excellent TV predecessors – The Sopranos and The Wire.

Out of the running ones, I cannot wait to see new episodes of Billions, a drama with fantastic messages, acting, story, starting on March 17. I’m also a big fan of
Game of Thrones, the series that doesn’t require any special description – those who’ve watched a single episode are probably already in love with this epic fantasy.

And, as expected from a PR manager, some “professional” literature – there we have Mad Man, for all those who are into marketing, PR or communications. I’d also add Black Mirror, which depicts the dark side of the oversized and often invasive digitalization, created by humankind.

After “discovering” Elena Ferrante, I’ve read the entire Neapolitan tetralogy and watched the series in the superb HBO production! I’d also recommend her recently translated novel – Days of Abandonment.

The creator of the character of Arturo Bandini, John Fante, and all of his books.

A brilliant Norwegian Erlend Lou and his novels “Doppler” and “Naive. Super”. Fredrick Backman and “A Man Called Ove”, which will make you laugh and cry at the same time, but you’ll definitely remember this book.

And at the very end – Haruki Murakami. I can’t single out any of his books, because Murakami discreetly draws you to his magic realism and you read all the stories without even noticing it.

Free to Miss


The Notebook, so acclaimed, but for me just one of many similar ones.

Miss on TV everything that doesn’t make you richer by an important realization, emotion, thought. Generally, when something doesn’t make sense to you – just skip, turn off a TV, leave the cinema or the theatre. Time is too precious to be wasted.


Mileva Seratlić

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