Represent Communications at the top of the PR agencies list this year again

News - Oct 12, 2020

Marketing mreža announced today results of a survey of communications and public relations agencies within the Agency Report study.

The Represent Communications agency is ranked at the very top of the list by business revenue and seventh by net profit. In 209, this agency recorded an increase per both financial criterion – 11.48% per business revenue and 18.44% per net profit. Represent expanded its team by 13.33%.

The second ranked agency by business revenue in 2019 is Fusion Communications. This agency moved up by two places compared to 2018. Its business revenue rose by 34.22% and net profit fell by 359.96%. Fusion Communications increased its workforce by 6.67%.

The third place per business revenue and fourth per net profit is assumed by Red Communications. This agency recorded an increase of 7.16% in business revenue and of 74.78% in net profit.

The fourth place per business revenue is held by New Media Team. This agency recorded an increase of business revenue of 29.29% and of net profit of 121.77%.

Olaf&McAtter is ranked fifth per business revenue and second per net profit. The agency recorded a huge increase of revenue, of 65.60%, and of net profit of 54.65%.

The Right agency, which assumed the high second position in 2018 in regard to business revenue, is ranked sixth in 2019, with a drop of 9.89%.

The segment of public relations agencies got three new members in 2019. One of them is MAJO Public, owned by Jovana Joksimović and Manja Grčić, founded in June 2019. It is interesting to note that this agency assumed the high ninth position per business revenue, and the first one per net profit, which reached 35.4 million dinars.

Action Global Communications operates in Serbia as the representative office of the PR agency of the same name from Cyprus. This agency is not included in the list of PR agencies because there is no data about its operations. The Agency is an active legal entity, founded in Serbia in 2001.

A total of 41 legal entities with communications and public relations as their core activities are registered with the Business Registers Agency. The total business revenue of communications and public relations agencies rose by 18.46% and net profit by up to 78.21% in 2019.

The number of employees in communications and public relations agencies increased by 8.11%, to 240 in 2019.

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Source: Marketing mreža



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