Represent Communications is the official agency of the CEFTA agreement

News - Oct 21, 2020

Represent Communications, as a leading regional group for integrated communications, enters the last quarter of this exciting year with a new, large and important client. The CEFTA agreement now has its official representative in the field of communications – Represent Communications with five offices in the region, in partnership with the European Consulting Group. As a reminder, CEFTA is an agreement on a free trade zone that includes the Western Balkans and Moldova.

The task of Represent Communications and partners, ECG, over the next year will be to work with a team from the CEFTA Secretariat to increase the visibility of this important trade agreement in the Western Balkans and Moldova. The digital team from Represent Communications Skopje will work on a complete redesign of the website and they will create a new appearance on social networks, while the rest of the team will work on strengthening the visibility of CEFTA activities and bringing closer the benefits that this agreement offers to the economy and citizens.

–  CEFTA is an agreement with real benefits for citizens and the economy in the region. We look forward to working with Represent Communications because we want to bring this professional terminology closer to the people and thus make the benefits available to more people. In conclusion, I would like to thank the CEFTA parties and the European Commission, without which this cooperation would not be possible – said the Director of the CEFTA Secretariat, Emir Djikic.

Represent Communications agency participated in the international tender with all its offices in the Western Balkans alongside representatives in Albania, Kosovo and Moldova. Good coverage and a well-coordinated system passed all the tests, received the highest marks and successfully won, which was not an easy task.

– We are extremely pleased that through this agreement we are starting to work directly with international organizations. CEFTA is one of the most important trade agreements in Southeast Europe and we want to provide them with adequate public visibility through cooperation with the media and other key actors, and above all through better and stronger business connections in the region. We hope that together with colleagues from CEFTA we will help and support the creation of a better business environment and improve the understanding of economy agreements from which everyone can benefit – said Jelena Mikic, Head of Development of Represent System, who was tender team leader and will be in charge of coordinating the whole project in the CEFTA region.




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