Content Academy 2020

In brief

This school includes key modules for creating effective web content. Lectures will help you master professional knowledge about placing your products or services in the modern business environment. The acquired knowledge will assist you in developing your own business or accomplish even better results as a marketing and communications expert. Upon completing the Content Academy, it will be clear to you how to create adequate content and adjust it audience on various SoMe platforms. The most reputable lecturers from the region will share their valuable knowledge with you.

    1. Date


  • Time

    5 x Saturday 10h – 17h

  • Format

    Face to face or online
    Up to 20 participants

  • Language

    Serbian and English

  • Venue

    1-3/II Knez Mihailova Street,

  • Fee

    On request

What you will learn

  • Content marketing basics
  • How to create high-quality content, tell your story and communicate messages
  • How to use SEO to increase conversion and improve organic search
  • How to use Google Analytics and optimise search
  • How to build audience and communicate with it
  • What the best content production tools are
  • How to best leverage sponsored SoMe posts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube)
  • All details of pre-production, ways of recording and editing professional video material, production of high-quality photos for Android and IOS phones

Who the course
is for

For professionals in marketing and communications and others who aim to master content marketing skills.


Content&Inbound Marketing

Lecturer: Bora Miljanović, PhD

  • What kind of content is catchy today?
  • Content marketing trends
  • Communication mantra – 7 rules
  • How do we communicate?
  • Marketing plan

Lecturer: Emilija Zaevska

  • Content sharing on SoMe
  • SoMe communication rules – best practices
  • Relevance of digital mix and attracting audience
  • Useful tools and helpful web pages
  • Form and structure of content for optimisation on mobile devices
  • How to clearly set strategy – case study

SEO & Google Analytics

Lecturer: Saša Stanković

  • SEO on & off page
  • Why SEO is important for business
  • Keywords, categories, tags and descriptions
  • Basics of Google Analytics and monitoring of page traffic

Storytelling & Video production

Lecturer: Matt Murrie

What if curiosity is your most valuable resource? And what if, you can convert your curiosity into an energy that not only powers your innovation, but guides it?

This lecture will explore what curiosity is, where its power comes from, and how you can start using it to your advantage (and enjoyment!).

You will learn specific Curiosity-Based Learning processes you can use immediately to help you plan more strategically, innovate more effectively, and achieve more satisfaction in what you do, how you do it, and the results you create.

Lecturer: Katarina Milanović

  • What is important for creating a good video?
  • What does the video-making process itself look like?
  • Why animation is a good format for communicating corporate topics
  • Q&A with the producer

Communication strategy, crisis communication & global trends SoMe

Lecturer: Krešimir Macan

  • How to achieve a goal? What is our goal?
  • What is strategy and what is tactic?
  • Why does no strategy work as planned?
  • Crisis communication and management
  • Why a crisis manual?
  • Crisis communication in online environment

Lecturer: Jelena Džodan

  • The importance of SoMe communication for business, brands and companies
  • Building community, audience and gathering followers
  • SoMe trends
  • How viral content is made
  • What is the network “likes” (FB, IG, IT, LN, TV, TikTok)
  • The golden rule of SoMe

Photo + Influence marketing

Lecturer: Peđa Todorović

  • Basic rules of taking photos (with focus on portrait)
  • Photo as SoMe content
  • Use of phone in taking photos for SoMe
  • Post-production and photo
  • Exercise

Lecturer: Minja Cvetković

  • Best composition for Facebook, Instagram or blog
  • Impact of influencers on public opinion
  • Digital creator
  • Catchy content production
  • Global trends
  • Content academy 2020


  • Bora Miljanović, PhD

    CEO at Represent System

  • Emilija Zaevska

    Content Studio Director, Represent Communications

  • Saša Stanković

    Digital Marketing Manager, Adriatics at Philips

  • Matt Murrie

    Executive Director and Chief Curiosity Curator for What If Curiosity

  • Katarina Milanović

    Content & video specialist, Represent Communications

  • Krešimir Macan

    Krešimir Macan

    Owner and founder of Manjgura, communication consultant

  • Jelena Džodan

    Corporate Image Officer, Represent System

  • Minja Cvetković

    Instagram influenser, aka Miss Psycho Cat

  • Predrag Todorović

    CEO & Founder at Diptych

Lecturers’ biography

Borislav Miljanović, PhD

Before getting at the helm of the Represent System, Borislav Miljanović, PhD, worked as a journalist and editor in numerous media outlets for more than 10 years. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, Belgrade University, and then obtained a master’s and PhD degrees in communicology at the Faculty of Political Sciences. He is the winner of the “Srđan Đurić” Award for Life-Time Achievement, granted by his peers – the Serbian Public Relations Society, and the Award for Marketing Thought Development of Taboo, a specialised marketing communications magazine. His contribution to the PR profession recognition is rewarded in the region as well, with the Pro.PR Award.

Emilija Zaevska

As a digital and creative fan, she is motivated by content and search for next inspiration, which she will perfectly apply in practice. Nine years of experience in digital marketing includes digital concepts and strategy, websites, SEO, email campaigns, PPC campaigns, SoMe marketing and clients such as Coca-Cola, Vip, Skopje Brewery and many others. Her latest challenge is the Serbian market, where she, within Represent Communications Belgrade, runs The Content Studio by combining the best from both worlds: digital and creative.

Saša Stanković

Saša works in digital communications in media agency MMB Media Agentur from Zagreb. He has more than 10 years of agency experience at various positions: media planner, account manager and digital agency manager. Worked with many international and local clients, such as Atlantic grupa, Porsche Croatia, Oryx, Auto Zubak, Opel, Philips, MasterCard, Lego, Adidas, Red Bull, Reebok, Societe General Bank. Before joining the agency, he gained experience as digital media manager and eCommerce manager in FOREO, where he encountered digital challenges in the global market on a daily basis. He has been a lecturer at many conferences in the country and abroad.

Matt Murrie

Matt Murrie is the author of The Book of What If…?, founder of What If…? Curiosity, and creator of the Curiosity Based Learning process. Matt uses curiosity to help educators, entrepreneurs, executives, and empathetic leaders to convert their naturally occurring curiosity into an energy that powers their learning, innovation, and collaboration for a better world. Matt Murrie works to live in a world where people prefer finding solutions to complaining about problems, where people seek answers through questions, and curiosity is treated like the natural resource it is. Endlessly curious and fascinated by the spectacular diversity of people and places that make up our universe, he’s taught for over a decade across five countries and three continents. Matt is a returned Peace Corps volunteer (Macedonia & Honduras) who has written seven books with his father, Steve Murrie. Matt also taught English literature, writing, and entrepreneurship at Westminster College and blogged on the Huffington Post. Today, he’s a social entrepreneur and “edupreneur” working full-time as the Executive Director and Chief Curiosity Curator for What If Curiosity.

Katarina Milanović

After completing her studies of digital arts and film production, as well as a master of photography, Katarina became part of Represent’s Content Studio. In the last three years, he has participated in the realization of numerous creative campaigns for clients, the creation of content for social networks, and above all, video formats for all areas of marketing. As he says, the key to a successful video is good organization and it is important to know what it all actually means. Her lecture is intended for everyone who wants to make a video for their brand as a client or try their hand as independent filmmakers. Additional emphasis in the lecture frame will be on animation as a suitable format for communicating corporate messages in a more creative way.

Krešimir Macan

Kresimir is a Croatian public relations professional and business consultant specialized in crisis management, strategic communication in politics and social media. He runs his own consulting agency – Manjgura (, one of the first Croatian public relations agencies founded in 1997. Kreso brings years of experience in communication management to every campaign. He led public relations and communications for numerous domestic and international investments, successfully worked on many election campaigns in Croatia and the region, advised two Croatian prime ministers and also helped build the reputation of numerous domestic brands.

Jelena Džodan

After 15 years of successful career as a journalist and editor of leading domestic media, with rich experience in social media management, she decided to enter the world of PR and communications. He deals with internal and external communication, site maintenance and social networks of Represent Communications. Master journalist by education, journalist at heart, internet addict.

Minja Cvetković

Minja Cvetković, aka Miss Psycho Cat, emerged on social media platforms five years ago as an alternative pin-up model. With a master’s degree in ethnology and anthropology, specialized in the history of fashion and subcultures, she has incorporated love for the fashion of the last century into modern trends and early recognised the power of the Internet in self-promotion. She now works as a full-time digital content creator for Dexy Co and as a social media manager and model coordinator for the UK’s British Retro. She doesn’t like to present herself as an ‘influencer’, but she has had an opportunity to work with many brands, such as Reebok, Cockta, Converse, Frikom, Avon, Exit, Lovefest, Doritos, McDonald’s, H&M…

Predrag Todorović

Predrag Todorović is a photographer and a film-maker. After graduating in digital arts and earning a master’s degree in photography, he established photo and video production company Diptych, whose work is based on creating content for companies from all walks of business (Robert Bosch, Novak Đoković Foundation, XiaoMi, DJI, Erickson International, ManpowerGroup, Zuhlke Engineering…).
He has been engaged in the world of photography for more than a decade, with hundreds of projects in the country and for international clients across Europe. In addition to commercial work, he has also had two independent and about a dozen group exhibitions.