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Digital marketing is far from a novelty, yet companies are still struggling to separate gimmicks from genuine strategies. It’s no longer a jungle out there. Rules have been set, communication channels have been established, effectiveness has been proven. Now, all it takes for success online is the right approach. And we can make that happen.

More than innovation. A necessity.

Digital strategy

In the last decade, establishing a successful digital strategy has become a key process when looking to maximize the business potential of any company. As a highly-experienced digital agency, we can help you create or adapt your digital business models. Our portfolio encompasses the complete service, from inbound marketing, across social media advertising, to digital analytics. In short – we pave the way for your web presence.

Social media marketing

Social media has completely transformed the communication landscape. It adapts to any form of content. Entertainment? Always. News? What’s one got to go, one got to do. Branding? Absolutely. This has made social media advertising and the accompanying content a very valuable marketing tool. Represent Communications can help your company build a powerful online presence across all major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Medium. Our TXE Content studio provides the complete service – from thorough strategy, across versatile content production, to detailed digital analytics. In other words, we help you generate buzz by creating compelling content tailored to your audience. Hey, it’s the new reality.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A wise man once said– a user is more likely to simply refine their search query, rather than continue on to the second page of search results. This simple observation is what makes SEO so important. Our SEO services are designed to do two things: to push your company up the search results ladders until you reach the top, and to keep you there. Our experts achieve this through high-quality web content, meticulous link-building and carefully selected keywords.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

When it comes to search results, SEO can put you on the top, but a well-positioned PPC campaign can go even further – over the top. Through extensive keyword research and ideal ad placement, we are able to secure and maintain a click rate that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Web design & development

An informative and attention-grabbing website is always going to be the face of your company. Our designers and developers will make sure that your website becomes a user-friendly and secure eye-catcher. We offer full backend and frontend services, including UX and UI design, CMS implementation, and web maintenance. Tech lingo aside, we can make your website functional, easy-to-use, and eye-pleasing.

Lead generation

Every business needs that initial spark that will help you reach the customers and kick start the purchase funnel. Our team has developed a range of effective online techniques for attracting and converting your target audience. Through email marketing, social media, ads and retargeting, we aim to capture consumer interest, expanding your potential market to its limits and beyond.

Influencer marketing

Yes, social media influencer is a legitimate profession. What initially seemed like a fad is now dominating the world of online marketing. Indeed, a recent study revealed that over 75% of companies actively work with influencers or are planning to do so. Our TXE studio can help you choose the right influencer for your business and strengthen your brand identity through compelling content and guided community management.

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