Snapchat comes in big style: New option will be more popular than TikTok?

News - Nov 25, 2020

Threatened by TikTok, which set off to conquer the world, Instagram responded by presenting its own option, Reels, and now Snap has done the same by announcing a new Snapchat option – Spotlight!

A focus of the option is on short and entertaining video posts, and in order to attract and motivate users, they have decided to reward them for the best viral video content.

Each day until the end of the year, and perhaps even longer, Snap will grant up to one million dollars to users! The award will be distributed between several users whose video posts are most popular, but it is still not clear what the highest daily award an individual can win will be. The only condition for winning a prize is to be older than 16.

Spotlight will feature the best snaps of nearly 250 million daily users at one location, and analysts say that this is another opportunity for Snap to expand the range of entertainment content for its users. At the beginning, there will be no ads within the option, but the company spokesperson said for media that this feature will be introduced in the next several months.

The US company say that they were inspired for Spotlight ‘by other services’, because many of their users record video clips using a Snapchat camera and augmented reality options and then post them on TikTok. Now Snap enables them to post the same video content on this platform, with a potentially high financial award, if the content is appealing and entertaining enough and becomes viral.

However, Spotlight will not be available in all countries at first, only in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, etc.



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