Story as the basic communication model for brands and business

News - Oct 05, 2020

The Story option, especially on Instagram, and then on Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat (these three have not gained pace in Serbia, so the Instagram Story is primary in the local market), has long become the basic form of communication on social media and platforms for a large number of users.

In that respect, many brands have started following the trend and adapting their campaigns and messages to the story format.

According to the official data for 2019, 1.5 billion stories are posted on Facebook platforms (FB, Instagram and WhatsApp) every day, Business Insider reports.

This is a significant and growing trend, with brands and companies increasingly adapting their campaigns to this format.

Millennials will more likely watch stories on Instagram (60%) than on Snapchat (53%) and Facebook (48%).

Generation Z – mostly teenagers – favour Snapchat for this purpose.

A survey has also shown than brands aiming to develop successful campaigns and establish meaningful relations with customers should produce and prepare vertical content and post not more than seven stories within 24 hours.



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