The European Union drafting strategy for fighting the 5G network-related disinformation

News - Dec 02, 2020

The EU members agreed to design a shared strategy for curbing disinformation related to the 5G technology. In recent months, this network has been severely criticised on SoMe and the web in general, with a lot of disinformation reaching the public. People are confused, scared and do not know what to think about all that.

As the member countries, we want to contribute to this initiative at the EU level with our national expertise and the best possible practice for resolving the issue of the 5G network-related disinformation – a press release states.

This has been signed by 15 member countries so far, which highlighted that ‘an active, long-term and systemic approach’ is required.

The signees proposed conducting several scientific surveys about health risks and implementing campaigns for raising awareness about the 5G technology as a solution.

Huawei disappointed by Sweden’s unfounded decision to ban the 5G network

Huawei is surprised and disappointed with Sweden’s Telecommunications Administration’s decision to ban the use of the company’s 5G equipment in Sweden.

In a response to Sweden’s decision about the terms of operators’ participation in 3.5 GHz and 2.3 GHz auctions, which translates as the ban of using the 5G equipment of that company, Huawei say that they are a private commercial company in 100% ownership of its employees.

There are no factual grounds to support allegations of Huawei posing any security threat. The exclusion of Huawei is simply based on groundless presumption and is unfair and unacceptable – the company announced.

It is added that in 20 years of operation in Sweden and more than three decades of work in 170+ countries worldwide, not one serious safety incident has been registered.

Huawei has never caused even the slightest shred of threat to Swedish cyber security and never will,” it said. “Excluding Huawei will not make Swedish 5G networks any more secure. Rather, competition and innovation will be severely hindered – the company commented.

Huawei will estimate the effect of this decision and expresses hope that the Swedish government will reconsider its position in the spirit of fair and open market, which it has always supported.


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