The first online regional conference within the Coca-Cola Youth Empowered program organised

News - Oct 05, 2020

Constant acquisition of new skills on popular digital platforms, expansion of knowledge, investment and work on oneself, alongside constant monitoring of trends and developments in the labour market are prerequisites for a successful career in the so-called new reality today, as concluded on the first regional online regional conference within the Coca-Cola Youth Empowered program, which attracted huge interest and 2000+ participants.

Inspiring speakers from Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, reputable entrepreneurs and influencers – Ena Čubrilo, a.k.a. Ena Luna, Lea Davogić, a DJ, model and pianist, a.k.a. Blairlea, Nikola Radojčić, the founder of the Dechkotzar brand, Andrijana Vešović, a.k.a. ZombijanaBones, and Vladimir Vulić, a consultant in the area of digital transformation, innovation and social media and a co-founder of, presented at the webinar their career paths, as well as provided advice or practical knowledge on how to be original and believe in success and in what they do.

Ena Luna noted that the job as an influencer brought her many good things, travelling and new people, as well as an opportunity to try things she could not have with a regular job from nine to five. She confirmed that constant learning and new experiences are important by providing her own example, as she has recently enrolled to a course, and told youth to believe in themselves, be consistent and authentic: “People recognise honesty and best react to that, so be who you really are!”

Through the Coca-Cola Youth Empowered, Coca-Cola HBC has been empowering youth in Serbia and Montenegro and inviting them to launch their careers, for the fourth consecutive year:

– The new reality, which could not have anticipated or got prepared for, reminded us of the significance of constant learning and development for all of us, and especially those looking for a job. Therefore, we aim to, now more than ever before, empower and support youth, provide them with an opportunity to gain new knowledge, connect with peers from the region, and offer mentor sessions with managers from our company, who can help them prepare better for job search and successfully build their career from the very beginning – underlined Nina Elezović, Public Relations and Communications Director of Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, and added the following:

“Within the Coca-Cola Youth Empowered platform, young people can continue expanding their knowledge through the modules in communications, personal development, interaction and networking and many other areas.

Lea Davogić, a popular DJ, model and pianist, commended the Coca-Cola Youth Empowered platform as useful because it provides youth with opportunities for improving their knowledge and skills.  She advised young people to select something they love and excel in first: “Be authentic, not someone’s copy. Work on yourself (brand), as advancement is a safe way of remaining interesting and relevant. Research your target group so that you know how to address them. Set goals for a specific month, year, and monitor how much you have achieved and progressed, because it will motivate you to keep going!” noted Lea and wished good luck to participants in career development.

Presenting a personal example of constant adaptation to reality, Vladimir Vulić said to young people that they should never stop learning. “The best thing we can teach youth to do is that they should change and be ready for establish their own profession. Set up something that would not exist if y did not take it up – a blog, YouTube channel, NGO, because then you will gain knowledge, experience, values and network for the rest of your life,” said Vladimir, adding that every failure is integral part of success.

The Coca-Cola Youth Empowered platform is the hub where young people can learn about good practice examples, receive guidelines and practical know-how in order to set up their own business or build a career in the labour market, through educational webinars, inspiring lecturers and then mentorship of Coca-Cola HBC managers. So far, about 4,000 unemployed youth have been educated and empowered via the Coca-Cola Youth Empowered platform, and with various activities planned for the upcoming period, that number will certainly increase.

For more information about various Coca-Cola HBC Serbia’s modules and activities for supporting youth, please click HERE.



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