The most powerful tool of the 21st century: Thank to social media, the world is a click away

Blog - Feb 05, 2021

Blic nedelje on January 24 published an article written by our colleague Jelena Džodan. The article discusses the phenomenon of social media and the fact that they became integral part of everyday life. The full article is below.

Back in 1994, when the Geocities platform – a predecessor of today’s SoMe – was created, no one could have assumed that they would become so important and generate a wide range of professions and areas of business.

Contemporary lifestyle, the 21st century trends, as well as the coronavirus pandemic have accelerated digital transformation and made SoMe an integral factor of daily life.

A large number of modern professions and positions in companies across the world related to digital market prove that the digitalisation of the world is a continuous process. No business is complete without them, and many experts say that digital marketing and developed strategy of SoMe appearance are even vital for any business. Over time, SoMe have developed to an extent that many users perceive Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as a modern version of diary, others use platforms to get informed or to joke and place fake news… those who are more resourceful use them for work.

SoMe are a highly powerful tool, but only if we use that properly. They are yet to develop, and judging from the speed of change and developments, no one can imagine what the SoMe world will look like in 10 or 20 years. However, everyone agrees that regardless of what it will look like, now is the right moment for build the foundations of good communication and appearance.

From nostalgia to fake reality

The turning point for SoMe was in 2004, when Facebook was established. Today, it owns Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Oculus VR. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard student, in the aim of connecting students for exchanging messages and content. In the meantime, SoMe have become a way of life, present in all aspects. If you have business of any size – you have to be present on SoMe for image, promotion and sale of products or services. In the digital marketing world, SoMe are a relevant business segment. Influencers and people creating a personal brand collect followers and create communities that add value to their profiles. A growing number of SoMe users accepts and shares information without considering their validation. There is an increasing trend of misuse and it is difficult to track and report all such cases. It is up to each individual to think twice before sharing content or engaging in a discussion. It is important to stay true to oneself and follow one’s principles and not let SoMe shape our attitudes and opinions.

Political propaganda

In recent years, SoMe has increasingly been a source of political turmoil, debates and serious scandals. We are familiar with the bot trend in Serbia – accounts of people who wholeheartedly defend specific political options, parties, individuals, or the latest call to violence of the now former US president Donald Trump, known for specific attitudes he openly shared on his Twitter account. Until he provoked riots in the US Congress, which led to the permanent ban of his account on this platform. However, it is fact that the world would never know about many events were it not for SoMe. Since everything is a click away from us, with an option of sharing videos or content with the whole world within seconds, it means that all people have the power to send an important message. Its reach depends on social circumstances, relevance and a number of followers. Take for an example the death of George Floyd, caused by an inhumane reaction of arresting police officers. Brutal footage from the scene was shared worldwide thanks to SoMe, and the #blacklivesmatter movement raised the issue of human rights. Availability and simple use have made the world be at an arm’s length 24/7.

Like as metrics tool

Major issue related to SoMe is ‘faking life’. Many influential individuals take photos and videos, presenting luxury and wealth, with a large number of users yearning to copy them, without considering the actual reality. For some, like is a measure of value. Many profiles include posts showing that some people are definitely ready for unbelievable and often risky ventures in order to create better content with many likes. There have been multiple cases of suicide attempts because of SoMe. The most recent accident is the death of a girl in Slovenia on a railway track in Slovenia, while attempting to make a good selfie.

Social media as business

Today, when people hear about a business, they look for its SoMe accounts first. Therefore, SoMe appearance is an integral segment of any business communication. This has endless potential. Both positive and negative word-of-mouth about a business spreads across SoMe like a wildfire. It is equally important for individuals to take care about their personal appearance on platforms, as they always represent the company they work for, and for employers to have decent employees who think about the value of the company.


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