The Xmas Get Together charity campaign exceeded expectations! Thank you!

News - Dec 21, 2020

The large ‘Xmas Get Together; charity campaign, organised by the Represent Academy team on behalf of the agency Represent Communications, exceeded all expectations. An unlimited number of text messages to 3030 was a ‘ticket’ to participate. We appealed to people of good will to donate for the youngest, so that the highest possible number of children could receive funds required for medical treatment and welcome the most beautiful period of a year with smiles on their faces.

In the course of two days (December 16 and 17), four lecturers: Aleksandra Bezmarević Stević – entrepreneur and influencer, Marija Čanković – psychologist, Saša Stanković – digital marketing manager, and Vojkan Arsić – theatre director, gathered a large number of people and held spectacular lectures, with a significant amount of money raised for treatment of our children.

Aleksandra was more than eager to share ongoing SoMe trends, highlight areas of special interest in 2021 and advise how to add value to content we post. She repeated several times that good content is much more important than a number of followers, thus raising strong interest among the lecture participants.

In her addressing, the psychologist focused on self-care and relevance of mental hygiene and commented on the quarantine period and this whole, unusual and challenging year, which evoked emotions and concerns that a large number of people was not even aware of.

Vojkan talked about the theatre in the digital era, and explained why the theatre should not be digitalised and presented situations when it is ‘allowed’ and acceptable.

Saša Stanković merely managed to introduce some of the topics within a huge and important area – web shops, also explaining why high-quality and timely user support is relevant and crucial. He revealed tricks for optimising a good web shop and a way to improve clicks on a web hop and, consequently, sales.

It seems that the program was too short to satisfy all the participants, who had so many questions that we had to promise a much longer humanitarian event soon.

Until then, whenever you have time, will and some budget – sent a text message for our children to 3030. For their smiles.



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