There’s one key thing behind good organisation

Blog - Jan 29, 2020

Organisation as a term represents a very complex activity and requires an overwhelming volume of planning, meetings, defining and detailed checking of plans, over and over again. All that may get even more complicated if any element of organisation does not match the above and planned or some unforeseen activity occurs.

All types of organisation are different, but very similar. This sentence does not say much, while actually revealing big secrets of organisation. They include a wide array of activities executed in different professions, only modified in accordance with an aim.

Whether you organise a wedding, some special event, corporate celebration or education programs, the system is the same. You need to carefully pinpoint everything that makes and leads to a final objective/product. They you start dealing with each item individually. Namely, you organise it. This involves a lot of meetings, arrangements and negotiations with different associates and clients. You need to shape that arrangement in a good product to be used at a specific time and at a specific place.

In most cases, good organisation is characterised by a good plan and harmonisation of all parts and activities.

When organising a wedding, you need to make sure that you have thought of all parts, from decoration, photographer, cake, suit and wedding gown, registrar, band and venue. When you inform the wedding couple about all the details, you need to go through them to see if everything is properly defined and how. You will define times of activities and thus have a total plan previously arranged with the wedding couple.

It is similar with organising education. There are attendees of different schools and training course that you need to identify and then instruct them about a result of participating in a specific educational program. After that, you communicate with lecturers and set their detail plan and program, inform them on lecture dates and venue.

When two essentially different types of organisation are explained in this manner, they seem simple and quick to achieve. However, a huge amount of time invested in making everything function as agreed is behind any good organisation and plan.

Entire organisation comes down to communication and planning skills, combined with proper reactions to unforeseen activities that may arise at some point.

An interesting topic that has just been mentioned is reacting in unforeseen and unplanned situations. What to do when something “comes up out of nowhere”? Then you need to be resourceful and opt for the most logical solution at disposal. Perhaps a final product will not be as you planned, but it will definitely lead to execution. It is important to remember that only you know what you arranged and how.

Attendees may be angry if a specific topic was announced but never covered by a lecture. However, what if that topic was simply not relevant enough, while some other which we covered was much more useful and practical? What happen when a registrar is late and guests are already ready for a civil wedding ceremony? Then you simply decide to entertain them in the form of a sparkling wine with strawberries or a music session that will relax them.

There is a solution for everything, and the only question is how resourceful and quick-witted you are at a given moment. Nevertheless, do not despair, because there are situations when nothing of the above will help you and a disaster will follow. It happens to everyone and it is not a big deal, so try to learn the most out of such mistakes.

Most problems occur when stress is present and when people do not know how to handle that pressure. It is not pleasant when you are overcome with appearance fear, the negative one, not the positive that motivates you to do your best. Then we often make mistakes, react inappropriately or reach wrong conclusions. In that case, you need to sit down with a clear head and define what the worst thing that might happen is. It will definitely help you realise that nothing is devastating for your life and job. Everything can be resolved.



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