TOP 7 digital marketing trends in 2021

Blog - Jan 29, 2021

Looking back, 2020 was definitely the year that changed history.

One of the key implications of the COVID-19 pandemic was the fact that it speeded up switching to everything digital. The world had to adapt the way of communicating and doing business – the use of social media plummeted, companies adopted a ‘virtual’ manner of work, and work from home (WFH) became a common business practice (something impossible to imagine only a year before). The old year is over and there is no going back. We are bravely moving forward towards new victories with new trends.

  1. (User Generated Content) will always be trendy

Users create excellent content that can record a much better result than content created by companies. Companies benefit from sharing such content and can get much more ‘native’ content that the one they would produce. What is important is that community managers carefully monitor SoMe development and types of content that are most effective.

  1. People are increasingly creating an enjoying watching live videos and stories

Live Video has become one of the most popular ways of interacting on SoMe among users, both on Instagram Live and Facebook Live. Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn have also accepted the live video trend. Brands will have to dedicate more time to this type of communication.

  1. Influencers are getting more influential

Not only in digital marketing, but also in life, influencers are growingly influential, with results of their conduct reflected on the society, especially among Generation Z, whose members are starting with that job. Some of them have successfully created their brands. Recently, TikTok influencers are gaining on relevance all around the world. Last year, some companies increased their budget for influencers by up to 59%, with 63% projected in 2021. Macro influencers will lead the way, whereas micro influencers are becoming more accessible to smaller businesses.

  1. Social Media Shopping popular in direct sales

Sales via social media have recorded a strong increase during the pandemic, with shoppable posts becoming a ‘must have’. Thanks to simple posts for shopping on popular SoMe platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest), companies have huge power to intensify their online sales presence. Customers can easily click on a shopping icon for any product on and Instagram feed, and they will be directed to a web shop or payment. In any case, it is easy, accessible and simple.

  1. (AI) Chat Bots will assume communication with users to a higher extent

This year, we can expect stronger use of artificial intelligence as part of digital marketing. Companies are growingly turning to Chat Bots, especially in regard to user support. Some experiences say that people would rather write on Facebook for support than dial a phone number. It is confirmed that people are increasingly reading news on their favourite media using Chat Bots.

  1. Brand support to activism

Last year, we saw that young organisations, activists worldwide created serious global stories via SoMe. A reaction of brands to developments in politics or care for environment is becoming more necessary.

  1. Nostalgic marketing with new energy

Marketing based on nostalgia for the past and better times makes users more willing to spend money on new products. Last year, we saw such campaigns, but this year we can definitely expected a ‘revival’ of old hits.

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Zlatko Ganić

Director Of Digital Media at Fabrika d.o.o. Sarajevo

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