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About the program

The new reality has taught us that it is possible to have efficient meetings online instead of in person. Although there are significant differences compared to traditional meetings in person, you will master skills for improving virtual engagement and efficiency though practice and proven techniques at our training course.

Whether you hold a meeting, lecture or presentation, we will show you the basic skills that will help you master the presence on a screen and have attention of listeners focused solely on you at your next meeting or some other online form of event. During or three-hour session, we will go through the most common mistakes we make, learn how to improve our pronunciation, sound more clearly and arrange audio and visual elements in order to look professional and make our participation most efficient at every moment.

Our session is hosted by two seasoned lecturers with vast experience in communications, with whom you can exchange any ambiguities, as well as get from them useful advice and suggestions related to the topic.

In order to attend this master class, you need to have the installed Zoom platform, with your camera turned on throughout the session for the purpose of interactivity and planned exercises.

  • Price

    130 eur+VAT

    • Payment is made in RSD on the date of payment.
  • Date

    April 2021.

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