Trends for successful sales: e-commerce in 2021

Blog - Feb 08, 2021

Despite the awful 2020 which we want to forget, the pandemic caused a big BOOM! in e-commerce and brands faced major challenges in developing sites and setting new standards in that area.

2021 will be marked as the beginning of user trust in online shops, express deliveries, purchases via sites – collections in retail outlets, card-on-file, mobile payment and a large number of other segments that are used much more than before.

# 1 Omnichannel sales

With an increase of technology on mobile devices, adoption of the iOS & Samsung wallet payment, provision of the click&collect option to users, I can imagine that the number of omnichannel users will definitely grow. Omnichannel is a type of purchase offering invisible experience for users on multiple channels: a user can search products on the Instagram shop, get more details about products on a site, make purchase via another, related site, and collect all the purchased items in a retail store.

Here are some omnichannel tips for better sales experience:

Optimise site for mobile devices. It is advisable to have a mobile adaptive site in order to offer users with an experience independent from a desk version of the site.

Offer the following to users:

  • Order via site, collect in store
  • Purchase in store, choose home delivery
  • Highlighted products and prices – shop on SoMe

# 2 Multiple payment options

Users are more likely to buy your product on a site if they have multiple payment options, such as QR code, card (multiple types), payment upon delivery, PayPal and, for instance, administrative ban as payment options. The major concern of consumers is the safety of their data, so you are expected to clearly explain data protection during online payment processes.

# 3 Mobile commerce

By the end of 2021, mobile devices are expected to exceed a 70% share of total e-commerce. If you have an online shop, focus on a mobile site version. Test your site for adaptability to mobile devices using the Google mobile device test to check if there is room for technical improvements or you site is already perfectly optimised for mobile devices. Design a progressive web app for your site for faster opening of a mobile version than of the site. PWA enables users to review previously opened pages without using the Internet. In the mobile version, highlight Hamburg menu, cart and search, All three segments should be sticky headers, so that users always see them when scrolling.

# 4 Artificial intelligence

AI-based interactive mechanisms for recommending items were first seen in e-commerce. Such tools have advanced to an extent that today we can have a carousel on a site for recommending specific items in accordance to their financial capacities, provided that it remembers the history of previous purchases. Many agencies offer renting of AI software connected to your site via API, and if you do not believe in their software or find it too expensive, you will get an offer for share in total sales generated via their software. AI is not a mandatory, but it is certainly a highly relevant factor in increasing sales, understanding users and presenting items users want to see.

# 5 Visual commerce

Visual commerce does not refer to sliders, namely banners on sites only. Your items also need to have 360 photos or video materials – on SoMe and/or site. With JPEG2000, you can accelerate opening speed and improve image quality on your site. Regarding your shop on SoMe, photos have to be well designed, with clearly communicated information. As TV commerce is coming back, this time with modern technology enabling users to scan a QR code and thus order a currently aired item. While card sales are increasing in our country, with growing trust in card-on-file, the world is focusing on voice sale (such as Alexa by Amazon and Google Home by Google), companies are investing in software for dynamic prices in order to monitor competitors and set the best prices of items, but the goal is the same: simple, safe and fast online shopping.


Ivan Dabetić is Director of the Digital and E-commerce Sector in Delfi and Laguna bookstores, and a lecturer at the ‘Content Academy’, which will be organised by the Represent Academy for the third time from March 13 until April 10. These are only some of the useful tips and tricks for successful e-commerce that Ivan will cover in his lecture, which will also include relevant elements of web shop design, such as site front and administration. So, take the unique opportunity to hear from top experts in their areas about their valuable experience and know-how gained in the course of their long and fruitful careers and become a digital marketing expert yourself. The 30% discount is valid for all applications by February, and for details about the school, please visit link or write to us at



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