Twitter introduces subscription, and how will that affect the existing users?

News - Feb 19, 2021

One of the main features of SoMe platforms is ‘free-of-charge entertainment’. To be more precise free moneywise, with users ‘paying’ for the use with their data and privacy, but that has been like that since the beginning and there is no point arguing about that when we all, back in the day, accepted all those terms of use and privacy policy… without reading them. Anyway, times are changing and Twitter is now considering the option of a form of subscription.

It will certainly take a lot of time for the company to opt for that move, but in a recent interview, Bruce Falck from Twitter confirmed that the company is considering the option of long-term income which may include subscriptions. Subscription does not refer to the standard use of the platform, but, for instance, if you want advanced options, you will have to pay.

What do advanced options include?

Additional profile settings, more detailed and elaborated than we are used to, and a very useful service of tweet tracking – tweetdeck, which particularly comes in handy for simple sorting of accounts for following and their simple sorting. Another potential option is a subscription to specific exclusive content – if you want to watch/read/open content of a user marked as ‘exclusive’, you will have to pay for it.

Also, ads would no longer be presented to ‘premium subscribers; resulting in stronger protection of user data.


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