We asked people whether blog died in Serbia and, if it didn’t, when it would

Blog - May 20, 2020

No, the title is not a click bait. It may be cruel, but if you clicked on it, it mean that you’re interested in what’s happening with the local blog sphere and whether it is alive or it has simply vanished after the surge of social media and platform offering micro-blog options.

The idea for this blog emerged when a blog author and content creator recently announced on Twitter that he had landed a dream job thanks to his blog, with a message not to give up if you believe in what you do because, sooner or later, you’ll be rewarded for it.

Wow! Someone got a job only because they wrote on the web!!! Sounds amazing, right? But, if we go back five of six years, blogs were a very popular form of expression and there were so many of them, even various events, prize ceremonies, etc., were organised to celebrate blog and its authors. And yes, some people came under a public spotlight because of that, got jobs, established collaborations… Meanwhile, Instagram has boomed and the storytelling has moved there. Or not?

We asked people whether they read blogs, why yes, why no, and here are the most common answers:

  • No, because they are too long.
  • No, I don’t have for that.
  • Depends on author and topic.
  • Not anymore, my interests have changed.
  • Only sometimes, when someone shares and a title catches my eye.
  • I like reading blogs, but I don’t follow any particular ones.

And so on and so forth. It sounds quite hopeless, and yet the situation is not that bad, according to some bloggers.

First of all, because some bloggers changed their approach and style in a timely manner and started keeping pace with interests of their audience.

Secondly, some created additional content, such as newsletters and similar formats, offered to their readers as a bonus on their blog, while some replaced blogger socializing with some new forms of events. An example is Curiosity Newsletter by Aleksandra Petrovski and her Curiosity Chat events.

Thirdly, they discovered new niches and started creating content, for example Milan Trbojević and his “Knjiški moljac“, or, where people come to get information about administrative issues, download free forms and documents, such as service contracts, applications for replacing health insurance booklet with a card, etc.

Fourthly, they remained consistent, still offering content of the same quality to their readers as before, which enabled them to even develop into something else and really profit from their blog. An example of this is the former blog titled ”Priče sa dušom”, which is now a website.

And lastly, but absolutely crucially, they know how to create high-quality content! They know what they talk about and can offer more than you expect, but above all, they have content! An excellent example is the KakavFilm blog, where you can find film reviews which will save you a lot of time in front of a screen.

Getting back to the title – blog is on life support machines, but it seems it will survive, thanks to efforts of enthusiasts, at least those who write out of pure love.



Marija Mijatović

Senior Account Manager (Represent Communications)

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