Why are local companies so afraid of TikTok? All benefits of this SoMe platform

Blog - Oct 30, 2020

TikTok is the first SoMe platform that has crossed the amazing threshold of one billion active users. It is also the platform that has probably caused the biggest controversies. TikTok’s marketing potential has been recognized by a large number of global companies in various sectors: Nike, Ralph Lauren, Burger King, Bioderma, Samsung… The fashion company Guess was among to first to join this list, setting high standards on this platform on a daily basis. Even the media giant Washington Post is very active on TikTok, unlike domestic media – until now, only portal Mondo has created an account on this platform. There have been several other attempts, but this portal is the only one still active. However, it seems that domestic companies and brands are still not familiar enough with all the business aspects and benefits offered by TikTok.

A few local companies and businesses in various sectors have tried out this platform, mainly including those whose corporate vision includes keeping pace with market innovation and maximising all business opportunities. Experts are still exploring benefits and the method of functioning of the platform, but TikTok can definitely benefit to strategic business development.

Now is the right moment to join this platform, because you have nothing to lose and you can always close your account or simply stop being active. TikTok is largely used by Generation Z, who want short and entertaining content – this platform is the best for it. Diversity of audience and engagement on TikTok are impressive.  Although Instagram responded by launching Reels, it seems that TikTok is still the leader in short 15-second video form. Up to 90 percent of TikTok users checks contents several times a day, and an analysis of posts of more than 10,000 influencers confirms that TikTok users are even more inclined to comment on content compared to Instagram or Twitter.

TikTok should also be perceived as a useful tool for adapting business to different local markets. It enables companies operating in multiple markets to create marketing campaigns in different languages and adapt them to interests of local audience. Companies also have a range of creative opportunities for promoting their portfolio and finding adequate support to its local promotion. In fact, it is inevitable to get closer to the famous Generation Z. One day, they will work for or with you – they will be your customers, clients, consumers… Whatever line of business you are in, this generation is a consumer of your business in the future.

Similarly to traditional platforms such as YouTube, TikTok offers companies with the option of launching their own channel, which can be tailored to their specific needs of business promotion. Businesses can intensify their promotion by sharing short promo videos and establishing brand partnerships with the app, and, as of recently, there is the TikTok advertising platform with popular tools for monitoring business statistics. It is still in a testing phase, just like advertising, but it is worth it to try out all options.

As of recently, it is possible to apply for the TikTok for business test option, and it is advisable to do it as soon as possible in order to be among the first to test all the advantages for business users. So far, it is possible to transfer a profile to the business option, providing you with an opportunity to add a link to the profile description – either a link to your website or some relevant source of business information.

A question in the end: When you audience switches to TikTok, will you be there to welcome them?



Jelena Dzodan

Corporate Image Officer (Represent System)

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