Why do hackers find TikTok so “interesting”?

News - Jan 13, 2020

After Instagram and Snapchat have largely replaced Facebook, teenagers have lately been increasingly attracted to China’s TikTok. We have repeatedly reported on the functioning and huge impact of this SoMe platform, and at the end of the last year, a big scandal shook this Chinese platform, when it was leaked that TikTok was stealing user data, resulting in the US navy banning its members from using this app. For more about this, please click HERE.

The good news is that TikTok promptly resolved those security issues. Furthermore, it guarantees that there are no indications of hackers taking advantage of the revealed vulnerable points. In addition, it claims that it has never been safer to use.

The main issue with this platform is that vast majority of its users are teenagers and mainly young population, and therefore it is more complicated to prevent youth from doing something unintentionally that will threaten their security and their data.

That is precisely why hackers find TikTok interesting. Therefore, if you use this SoMe platform, do not fall for popping windows, ads and notices requesting personal data, and if your children use TikTok, make sure to explain to them what they must never do and control their accounts regularly.




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