Why is the Super Bowl the largest marketing event of a year?

News - Feb 09, 2021

This year’ final match of the NFL, the US National Football League, the famous Super Bowl, was organised in Tampa, Florida, in the year of pandemic and rigid restrictions. The Super Bowl is the largest sports event in America.

The CBS, which airs the final every year, introduces special, high tariffs for all advertisers who compete to buy advertising space before, during and after the broadcast. It is a matter of prestige to advertise on this, most important marketing event, so brands would do anything to ensure their five minutes.

The Super Bowl is considered to be the only event in the world for which advertisers are willing to pay up to USD5.5 mn per airing.

This year, the 55th Super Bowl final provided the opportunity for commercials to be ‘politically coloured in order to send the message of unity, courage and perseverance of the American people amidst the pandemic threat’, the CNN reports.

The CBS and the National Football League had a completely different organisational approach this year, primarily because the game was to highlight the atmosphere of unity and normality, but with a risk of virus spread an a limited number of spectators.

.@TheWeeknd kicks off the #PepsiHalftime show with Starboy! #SBLV

— NFL (@NFL) February 8, 2021

TV audience is used to watching a several-hour long sports and entertainment programme on the Super Bowl day, with sports analysts, suitable music performances, documentaries and interview with Hollywood stars in the art-related part of the broadcast.

This year, battle against racism was in a focus of the National Football League, with a young poetess, Amanda Gorman, performing in the complementary programme. This African-American also recited her anti-racism poetry at President Biden’s inauguration earlier this year.

The winner of the 55th Super Bowl is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who beat the Kansas City Chiefs with 31:9.



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