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Strengthening reputation through social media platforms


Due to strong competition and more frequent use of social media platforms for strengthening reputation in the hotel industry, the Agency was given a task to design a project which would be innovative and different, helping to create a unique hotel recognizability in regards to the competition.


Project Game of CentreVille was designed for 12 influencers who were picked based on their popularity in the online and offline communities, the number of followers and reputation. The first event of this kind, Game of Centre Ville is a combination of treasure hunt and promotion on social networks.

Participants were divided into groups looking for hidden clues around the hotel, which provided instructions on how and which photograph (from the hotel) should be published. Using the hashtag #gameofcentreville, the participants posted the photos on Instagram or Twitter, in turn receiving messages with a new clue. One representative of the Agency accompanied each group, sending the messages after they made sure that the photos were published. This way, we ensured that each influencer published at least two hotel photos, using the same hashtag, specifying the location or “mentioning” the hotel. The clues and instructions were based on the information the guide presented to influencers during an introductory tour of the hotel. The clues were prepared in the hiding places the night before.

Game of CentreVille was inspired by the book and TV series Game of Thrones, so the competing groups were named after the families that fought for the throne. The final destination of the game was the CentreVille throne, an antique chair in the hotel lobby The Living Room Lounge&Dining, which hid the final clue – the treasure.

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