Youth mainly informed on SoMe platforms, sports as topic no. 1

News - Dec 25, 2020

Citizens of Serbia that the frequent and regular source of information for them is SoMe (66%), TV (59%) and web portals and sites (57%), according to a survey conducted by CESID.

A prominent regularity is evident in a sense that the young the generation, the more its members are informed via SoMe, and vice versa. Up to 83% of young members of Generation (12 to 18 years of age) and 76% of older members of that generation (18 to 24) get informed often or regularly via SoMe, as reported in the study conducted by CESID on a sample of 1,189 people between 12 and 60.

72% of Millennials (24 to 39) get informed often or regularly via SoMe, 49% of Generation X members (40 to 53), whereas this rate is by far the lowest among baby boomers (54 to 60) – 27%.

The survey shows that TV is still the primary media for getting informed (29%), followed by SoMe (26%) and web portals and sites (24%).

In regard to trust, 32% of respondents say that there is no media outlet they trust completely.

The survey also indicates that people have the highest trust in the media they use most often, so 38% trust web sites and portals mainly or completely, 37% to SoMe, 33% to TV.

Respondents spend most time on SoMe, 96 minutes, compared to 21 minutes spend in reading press. The younger part of Generation Z spend 136 minutes n SoMe and 16 minutes in reading press.

Sports remain the media topic of the highest interest among people in Serbia, followed by the coronavirus pandemic, politics, fashion and beauty and music programmes.

CESID conducted the survey in cooperation with Propulsion and with support of USAID, within the Media Initiatives and Partnerships Support project, at the territory of Serbia from August 25 until September 10.

Source: Beta


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